How to become
a counsellor

As a counsellor, you accompany and inform the person concerned during the official proceedings, as well as for the clarification of all correspondingly personal rights and duties.



the training programme


Public lecture "Asylum and residence law"
Prof. Dr. iur. Kraft and Prof. Dr. Berlit give an introduction in German and European asylum law

Tutorials to accompany the lectures
Basic knowledge in constitutional law for non-lawyers and non-law students

Lessons aimed at extending one's knowledge of the relevant aspects of asylum law
Prior knowledge: lecture attendance or (proved) engagement in a civil initiative
A total of 14 specialisation lessons give a deeper insight into the subjects treated.

Sitting in at a counselling session of the Refugee Law Clinic or cooperating initiatives
Parallel to the specialisation lessons, you provide legal advise to refugees as a co-counsellor.

Beginning of work as voluntary legal counsellor in asylum and residence law.
You consult asylum seekers independently in one of the Leipziger initiatives or directly for the Refugee Law Clinic.

Further training in workshops and specialisation classes
Intensive assessment of the most relevant theme; offers for supervising roles



Detailed information on the training programme can be found here:

Details of the counselling training programme
curriculum summer 2016
Information on applications (August 2016) soon to follow!

Learning material from lectures, in German only:
from Prof. Dr. iur. Kraft (Download from his website)
from Prof. Dr. Berlit: slides May 23, May 30, June 06, June 13, June 27
recommended reading: case law I and case law II

Learning material from the tutorial: