We need financial support for our work, especially for our training programme.

Many of our referents support the training programme on an honorary basis; still there are certain expenses that cannot be avoided, which we would like to reimburse them for. Your financial help makes it easier for us to teach our students the necessary competences for the counselling we provide, thereby safeguarding the quality of our education programme. By contributing in this way to our work, you can help to make the law understandable and accessible for those who seek asylum.

As a registered non-profit organisation, donations are tax-deductible. For contributions up to 200 euros, a simple donation receipt can be used. For contributions over 200 euros, we can draft a formal donation receipt. Please contact us on finanzen[ät]

Our bank account

            Refugee Law Clinic Leipzig e.V.

            IBAN: DE98500310001028309003

            BIC: TRODDEF1

We would like to thank those who have donated to us or otherwise supported us, especially the foundation :do, for co-funding the training programme until October 2015.

Simple donation receipt


The stipend programme ANKOMMER. German Perspectives provides financial support to social organisations, projects and initiatives aimed at enabling refugees to partake of German society and economy. - A project of Social Impakt, supported by the KfW Foundation.


Advisory Council

An advisory board is under construction. follow information.

If you are interested to act as an advisory board member, please write us at