Who we are and where we are going.


The Refugee Law Clinic Leipzig is an initiative organised by volunteers. We offer free legal advice concerning matters of asylum and residence law.

The concept of Law Clinics itself stems from the Anglo-American legal world. A ‘Law Clinic’ overseas refers to a university project through which law students offer legal counsel to various socially disadvantaged societal groups. There are, for instance, Law Clinics that specialise in social law or tenancy law. In Germany this concept has moved away from being a mere university project, and has become an independent student initiative. Likewise, the RLC Leipzig is not organised by the University of Leipzig, even though it cooperates with it. Prof. Dr. Christoph Enders, who holds the academic chair for Public Law, Political and Constitutional Science, supports and contributes to our project.

Our initiative is open to all who wish to be educated in asylum law – as well as to non-students and students of any other disciplines.


Our actual job consists of informing and guiding those in question in the course of the administrative procedures they face, making them aware of their respective personal rights and duties. Our area of speciality is asylum law and related subjects, such as the Dublin Process.

The counselling is carried out by volunteers, who are educated during the training programme that we organise and finance. To guarantee the quality of our services, we cooperate with the University of Leipzig as well as with lawyers specialised in this area, such as judges of the Federal Administrative Court. In the spring of 2015, we were able for the first time to actively provide legal counsel in several temporary shelters and asylum-seeker homes.

In view of the necessity of well-trained interpreters in the counselling process, we are organising additional training programmes for interpreters on a regular basis.


Do you want to join us and participate?

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The counselling is currently held at Kochstraße 132 every two weeks. The exact dates are posted here.
Every counselling team consists of two counsellors, several interpreters, and is supervised by a full lawyer.
In every other week, the counselling team meets to discuss cases, answer e-mail requests or do research.


Further information about our association

Please note that this information is currently only available in German. If you need assistance for the translation, feel free to contact us.

For any additional information about our association or the work we do, please contact pr[ät]rlcl.de



Co-operation Partners

We as a association are very interested in cooperation and the associated networking with other initiatives, associations and the University of Leipzig to improve our offer to advice and to make diverse.


Mosaik e.V.

The overriding concern of the association is to promote the recognition and appreciation of diversity, and active involvement opportunities. The goal is to combine expert knowledge and to use positive for new projects. Our actions are aimed at improving the social interaction and the best use of existing potentials.





University Leipzig

Our association is under patronage of Prof. Dr. Christoph Enders.

Prof. Enders holds the chair of public law (Öffentliches Recht, Staats- und Verfassungslehre).


Peperoncini e.V.

We are working with Peperoncini, which is a fund for legal assistance.

They help raise money that enables refugees in the legal process against their deportation and that finances lawsuits.