Asylum law is a human right!
Help us to protect the rights of those who
were forced to flee from their homes.

There are countless ways in which you can
contribute to the Refugee Law Clinic!

You can partake in our training programme and become a counsellor.
You can hold or organise presentations about the procedure of applying for asylum, in order to raise awareness on the legal aspects of seeking asylum.
You can help to keep our organisation running; there are many things to be done such as finding places for those who are in the training programme and want to sit in on counselling sessions, or raising funds.
You could get involved in tasks that facilitate the counselling services we provide, such as engaging interpreters or coordinating deadlines.
You can join our research team and report on the status of persecuted Chechens in Russia, or thoroughly assess if a Syrian refugee can be reunited with his family.
You can also act as an interpreter for us.

Are you interested in contributing to the Refugee Law Clinic? Below you can find information on our efforts as an organisation, as well as the possibilities for training that we have to offer.

Internal Responsibilities

The Refugee Law Clinic consists of a large executive council (AK), which is divided in many small ressorts. These are responsible for different pillars of the organisation: finance, research, public relations, education, associating partners, introduction for newcomers, legal counsel and interpreters.

Our ressorts consist of five to six persons who operate in relative independence from the council, provided the articles of association allow for it. Suggestions and results of the individual ressorts are then taken to the council for deliberation.

In the council, the joint efforts of all the Refugee Law Clinic ressorts are coordinated; upcoming events are discussed, as well as possible partners for cooperation, our internal positioning, and the way we work together.

We are an association that operates on the principle of democratic consensus; by his or her vote, each member directly influences the decision-making process of everything that is fundamental to the Refugee Law Clinic. The executive council (AK) is therefore the only organ of the Refugee Law Clinic that can make binding decisions.

Feel free to join a meeting of the council, or sit in on a workgroup session straight away!
Council meetings are normally held every two weeks on Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm. The location is Burgstraße 21, room 4.19. You can find recent dates on our blog.

Meeting dates for the ressorts are found in our calendar.