The ressorts (AG) are self-organised, and bring any
results or suggestions under attention of the council.
At the moment, we consist of the following ressorts:



Ressort Lecture

responsible: Matthias
contact: vortrag[ät]


We offer a variety of lectures, for example about the European asylum system, the Dublin regulations, the asylum process or upcoming tightening of asylum law. Other topics and workshops are available upon request.


Ressort Finance

responsible: Hannes
contact: finanzen[ät]

We administer the organisation’s bank account and look for future financing possibilities. These can be funds, foundations, prizes, donations, crowdfunding, selling pies etc. All ideas are welcome!



Ressort Public Relations

responsible: Clara
contact: pr[ät]


We answer questions of the press, give interviews, manage the homepage and inform the public regularly of any current activities of the Refugee Law Clinic by means of our newsletter.


Ressort Education

responsible: Katja
contact: ausbildung[ät]


We organise the lecture programme, the tutorials and case studies. We attract lawyers, counsellors and those with experience in other professional fields who have the competence to teach in our training programme.


Ressort Networking

responsible: Johannes
contact: vernetzung[ät]


We establish contact and set up cooperative projects with other initiatives in Leipzig, as well as with the public office of the city. Additionally, we endeavour to keep the Refugee Law Clinic well connected on a national level.


Ressort Newcomers

responsible: Matthias
contact: info[ät]


We are your contact person if you would like to join us in one of the workgroups or the council! We answer questions about your involvement and organise educational evenings, mostly at the beginning of each academic semester.


Ressort Interpreters

responsible: Janna
contact: sprachmittlung[ät]

We are responsible for our network of interpreters, who work on an honorary basis. We are continually striving to expand on this network. It is our goal to be able to have recourse to as expansive a reservoir of languages as possible.
Neither prior knowledge of the discipline nor the jargon involved are prerequisite for joining, since we offer an extensive training programme to this effect.



Ressort Legal Counsel

responsible: Robin
contact: beratung[ät]


We provide the actual legal counselling. To improve the quality of our legal advice, we regularly hold meetings in which we exchange experiences and discuss specific cases.


The research team compiles background information for the benefit of our partners, who reinforce us during the counselling sessions. This may be legal information, databanks of court cases, reports of NGOs, and so on.

We have learned a lot in the process about the legal state of affairs in Germany, as well as about the situation in several EU and non-EU countries. Moreover, in our work we have developed the ability to conduct research and/or successfully raise sound claims with administrative bodies in a structured and purposed way.

Ressort Research

responsible: Christiane
contact: recherche[ät]